Can i just say how much I love you two? Im so happy I found this blog, its helped me with my depression so much thanks. Thank you for being amazing, and thank odin for being great. You really helped me.

Aww thank you! ^_^ Iā€™m really sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to this I haven’t really known what to say to this message! Even if this blog is nothing but silly lizard pictures, being someone who has dealt depression themselves it makes me very proud and happy to know that this blog has helped someone who is dealing with depression. Also I will definitely let little Odin know what you said! ^_^

DO you have to wash everything Odin touches like with most animals? Or is that a myth?

Unless he poops somewhere/on something or he has been on something I eat off of, no I don’t really worry about it cleaning every little thing he touches. That being said I think you are talking about is salmonella and reptiles? If so yes reptiles do carry salmonella, it is found in the gut of most captive reptiles, as long as you don’t ingest their feces and practice proper hygiene it’s not really a big issue.

Has Odin ever bitten you?

Yes, he has bitten me four times in his life, three of those times were right after I got him when he was only 1-2 months old.

Monitor lizards are legal??

It depends on the laws in your area if they are legal or not where you live at, where I live at yes most species of monitor lizards are legal to keep.

Giveaway ideas!

Ok, so I’m thinking about when this blog reaches 2,000 followers of doing a giveaway! But the only items I can think about to give away for it is maybe some Odin shed skin resin necklaces and maybe a Odin shed tooth pendant. Would that be something y’all would be interested in and do y’all have any other ideas?