Video 23 Jul 36 notes

The other day clockwork-canine said something about liking the color of Odin’s eyes. So while taking macro pictures of Odin I took some close up pictures of Odin’s eyes. I hope you like them clockwork-canine! ^_^

Text 23 Jul 15 notes Scaredy Lizard

So I wasn’t really going to say anything about this but I told my father about this incident with Odin today and he couldn’t breath he was laughing so hard. So maybe some of my follows will get a laugh out of it.

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Video 23 Jul 113 notes

Odin tried on some fashionable leaf hats today!

Text 23 Jul 1 note

druank said: I rescued a savannah monitor from a really bad home, probably not the smartest idea considering I already have 3 other reptiles to take care of but I'm in love with this little guy, I want to make sure he's most comfortable, so my question is, what kind of bedding do you uses for Odin?? It's hard to find info online considering sav's are not popular pets..

Right now Odin’s is on cypress shavings but that is because of vets orders and I would not suggest putting that in your savannahs tank it’s extremely hard to keep the humidity high! I would suggest putting your savannah on a sand soil mixture that’s what I’m switching Odin back over to next month. The sand soil mixture allows them to dig and make burrows. Just make sure when mixing it that it has more soil then sand the mixture should be about 60% soil and 40% sand, also make sure that it does not crumble easily otherwise it can collapse on top of your savannah and kill it!  I hope this helps and good luck with your new savannah! ^_^

Text 22 Jul 9 notes

tyrannosaurslair said: I just want to say I like Odin a lot and like what you do with him and think you're doing a really awesome job of taking care of him. I have a Savannah Monitor too named Solitaire that I take care of as well. I show Solitaire pictures of Odin all the time.

Awww this is so sweet! I’m glad you and Solitaire like Odin! ❤️ Tell Solitaire Odin and I say Hello!!! ☺️

Text 22 Jul 11 notes

dreamweekend said: Anons can eff off. Odin is a beautiful and healthy boy and is obviously very well cared for. You're a good lizard parent :)

Awww thanks sweetie!!! Your message really cheered me up! ☺️

Text 22 Jul 8 notes Goodness

People please understand Odin is not out of his cage all the time and is not even let out of his cage everyday also Odin is only let outside when the weather permits! Also I do not leave the outfits on Odin that would be very very cruel! I only put the outfits on Odin when I am taking pictures then they come right off!

What sparked this is an anon question in my inbox concerned with the well being of Odin I mean I’m glad they brought their concerns to my attention, but all of the concerns are either against the vets orders or are controversial topics that I see people argue about all the time and I’m not arguing about them on here! Also people if you are concerned with Odin’s well being come off anon when messaging me I’m not going to take you seriously if you are anon!

Video 22 Jul 52 notes

I got out of class early today and had some extra time so I took Odin outside to let him enjoy the sunshine! After sunbathing he decided to explore in the plants around the house and play a game of hide and seek.

Text 20 Jul 6 notes It needs to be done….

I need to charge my camera and find a skateboard………

Text 20 Jul I’m back but just for tonight!

I have a little bit of free time tonight and will be on here for a few hours! But Odin is all ready sleeping so sorry no pictures tonight! ^_^ I’ve all ready answered all of the questions that were in my inbox except for the 3 anons they are going to have really long replies so I’m going to save them for later!

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