Video 20 Aug 39 notes

I realized today I never really posted any pictures of the inside of Odin’s tank after I added the dirt. So here’s what Odin’s tank looks like right now I hope to later add a plant or two but I’m still researching what kinds of plants I can put in his enclosure.

Video 19 Aug 53 notes

Lizard cuddles~🐊

Video 17 Aug 319 notes

Someone doesn’t like cute hats today~

Video 16 Aug 54 notes

Someone’s all tuckered out after playing in the new dirt today 🐊💤

Video 13 Aug 421 notes

Odin investigating the flowers and bucket today before the flower crown pictures~

Video 13 Aug 234 notes

Odin is a pretty flower princess~

Video 11 Aug 104 notes

I might have become obsessed with making flower crowns~

Video 11 Aug 9 notes

Don’t wake the baby dino~ 💤

Text 10 Aug 8 notes

Anonymous said: I would have fucking gone off on her if she came to my blog to tell me how to take care of my perfectly healthy pet. I don't know how you stayed calm

Yea I probably wouldn’t have been as calm about it if I hadn’t of been at my best friends house at the time they helped calm me down quite a bit. ^_^ ‘

Text 10 Aug 3 notes Thanks!

Thanks everyone who sent the kind messages earlier I have read every single one of them! They were really sweet and helped me to calm down a lot which I really appreciate because I was really upset over the whole thing! ^_^’ Which I really shouldn’t have been that upset because it was rather obvious that they didn’t even look at my blog! XD

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