Do you have any advice for potty training a blue tongue skink? I don't take him out as much as I would like to because he has accidents a lot. Even if I bring him to a spot to go, he'll wait, and then go when I bring him on my bed lol -___-

I’ve actually never owned a blue tongue skink before. ^_^ Maybe one of my followers can help you? ^_^

Sorry Everyone :(

I know I promised that I would post more beach pictures and that I was supposed to post them yesterday, but is seems I won’t be posting anymore at all my memory card has become corrupted and won’t let me access the pictures on it! :( I’m sorry everyone! But for some good news I’m noodle sitting this month! I will be snake sitting a 10 year old black phase hognose snake named Oliver! I will be taking pictures and uploading them to my other account here

What exactly does an excited lizard look like? Are they fast and jittery like dogs? Was Odin furiously wagging his tail?

Yes he reacts very similar to a dog wide eyes, moving constantly, and smelling everything along the way, but no tail wagging! ^_^ Excited lizard picture below!He has his mouth slightly open in this shot, because he was flicking his tongue out smelling everything when I was taking this picture~

Did Odin panic over any seagulls or similar sea birds today?

Actually no, but I did see a few seagulls and a sandpiper in the area!  I think he was too excited with exploring to really notice them though!

You're so sweet and Odin is so cool holy heck I just wanted to tell you you're awesome and I hope you have a great day :3

Ahhh I just found this message I love sweet anons! We had an awesome day today! I hope you had a great day today to! ^_^ 

i love the beach pictures!! do you have any more?

Yes I have lots of him I’m currently picking thru the rest of them and editing them right now! I might post some more later sometime tomorrow. ^_^

windkonig replied to your photoset “Odin goes to the beach~”

odin omg! did he love it?

Yes, he very much enjoyed it he really didn’t want to leave! The moment he really saw the water and realized what it was he went running towards it he was so ready to go swimming and I had to run and scoop him up! That’s why he looks so dispointed in the last shot! XD

I Just…..

I was sitting next to Odin’s box talking to him and he sneezed really loud! Right after he sneezed he jerks his head up looking at me with wide eyes! Like I made that horrendous sound then stared at me for a second and then ran and hid from me! I was crying I was laughing so hard!